ONE, don’t start RUNNING without a ROCK-SOLID content. You need it as fishes need water to survive.

Packaging an empty vessel is a waste of time. After listening to you once, they would never invite you again.

TWO, be ready to start by UNIQUELY solving problems for free.

The highest paid in every field started from zero. Be willing to solve problems for free for a while.

THREE, be humble enough to follow some of the best in your field.

Pride and arrogance will not get you anywhere. Get down from your high-horse and follow those who are ahead of you. Proud people are usually poor people.

Four, be PATIENT and well positioned for a shift in your field. It will always come in every field.

FIVE, build an incredible and a FUNCTIONAL library. The strength of a man is in his FUNCTIONAL library.

SEE you where KNOWN people are found.

By, Ademola ADEOYE

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God bless Nigeria.

God bless us, too.

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