An African proverb goes thus; “It takes a village to raise a child.” This meaning that the whole community comes together to see to the proper raising and upbringing of the African child, which is the reason why in old African societies, it is not only the parents of a child that disciplines the child – the whole community is bestowed with that responsibility.

But the scenario painted above is that in which the adults and elderly in the society are not selfish and self-centered, the interest of every child in the community is paramount to them – every child is everyone’s child.

By way of explanation and definition, the adult and elderly being referred to is the influential, not necessarily by age or longevity of/in years, and the child is the Nigerian youth and middle aged forming the masses.

Fast-forward to our modern Nigerian society, can we say the modern day Nigerian society is a replica of the old African society described above? No! The adult and elderly in the modern Nigerian society is primarily, if not totally and only concerned with his/her own children and not others’.

The elderly Nigerian will keep their children safe and secure at home (mostly abroad) and arm the average Nigerian child with all sorts of weapons; bitterness, anger, animosity, painful but biased history, guns and ammunitions, etc, to destroy themselves, causing mayhem, decimating and destroying their future for a morsel of bread, like Esau of old.

What the Nigerian child does not realise is that when the Nigerian elder gives arms to fight for them and on their behalf – all you are able to do is destroy, kill and main a fellow youth like yourself, thereby reducing the number of youth with the population of the elderly remaining intact – how will you then be the long awaited ‘leader of tomorrow?’

OBJ is fighting PMB, Amechi fighting Wike, Fayose fighting Fayemi, Yahya fighting Melaye, and similar of such are scams, distractions, divide and rule methods that have been and being used to divide and decimate the population of the youth.

My beloved youth, if they are serious about their fights – please allow them to settle their scores with and between themselves, or at best involve and arm their own children and their family members. These elderly Nigerians have been fighting since and forever, yet the fight has never ended, but they keep helping and aiding each other, securing and enriching themselves and their immediate family members’ future and destiny at the expense of the communal interest of all the other youth, while the average Nigerian youth is raving and ranting – wasting away on social media and on the streets,

With incessant strikes paralysing almost every sector of the economy. Not too long ago, I read of the Vice Chancellor of a prominent University who attended his child’s graduation abroad while his own institution was closed due to strike action.

It is high time the youth of the Nigerian society use their heads, face their futures and start the process of securing their destinies themselves. As someone said, “The best way to secure your future is to create it.” And one of the ways to create our desired future is to divorce ourselves from the fights of our fathers.

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” – Martin Luther king Jnr.

The future you desire will not and cannot be created by the elderly Nigerians, it is not in their interest – that is why we need to joins hands together and build a NEW NIGERIA (#MYNEWNGR), a society based on HUMANNESS, INTEGRITY and DISCIPLINE.

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God bless you.

God bless Nigeria.