With all what’s been going on in our country for the last 19yrs since 1999, it should be obvious to every right thinking Nigerian that we need to create a New Order so we can usher out the Old Order from our consciousness and existence.

We can’t have crooks and criminals representing us in the National Assembly and in our states….except of course we want to say we are also crooks and criminals. So, the only way forward is to all get involved. Every single one of us, towards building the Nigeria of our dreams.

Religious and tribal issues have been used to destabilise us and keep us divided over the years. We must overcome that challenge and imagine the immense advantage and benefits derivable from a strong and united nation of over 180 million citizens, instead of weaker fractions of a former country.

You all might be thinking that Nigeria was an error. That Britain made a big mistake when she decided to amalgamate over 200 tribes with different tongues and religions into one country. But have you ever imagined what could become of us as a prosperous country IF every single one of us plays his or her part?

What would be the quality of the lives of Nigerians IF the South East had a thriving industrial base serving as the industrial hub, not just for Nigeria, but for the whole of Africa?

What would be the quality of our lives IF the North becomes the food basket of Nigeria and the rest of Africa?

What would be the quality of our lives IF our educational institutions become the best in Africa, with our fellow Nigerians in educational institutions all over the world coming back home to impart what they have learnt on the people?

Brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, the possibilities, the opportunities, the things we can achieve as one great indivisible nation is by far bigger and greater than you can imagine in any other country in the world.

Do we want to watch while gangsters ruin our future or do we want to be part of those who will rebuild this country into a great nation wherever they are?

That choice is in our hands.

My New Nigeria is just one initiative. Join this initiative or create a similar one in your hood so we can all join hands together to rebuild this country. God has blessed us with everything you can think of. Natural resources, good weather, resourceful people and the large population to make whatever anyone produces generate more than enough income needed to sustain him or her, and generations to come. Nigeria is a producer’s dream. A manufacturer’s dream. No creative person should be suffering in Nigeria. We need to move from being a consumer nation into a nation that produces more her domestic needs.

We can do it, and we will do it. If we can think it’s possible, then we can all join hands to work towards making this outlandish dream and vision a possibility.

God bless you, God bless us and God bless Nigeria!


TK – 2018