#MYNEWNGR movement will not disparage or encourage the disparaging of the older generations, although they are to be mostly blamed for the present predicament and decadence in the Nigerian society – yet we will not continue the blame-game, because our own children will soon be blaming us along with our fathers if we fail to take the bull by the horn and start the process of rebuilding a NEW NIGERIA to be desired by all.

The Nigerian elder passes his bitterness and hatred to the younger and coming generations, yet attempts to bind and build his own immediate family together in/with love – what an irony? Are we not aware that we cannot give what we do not have and who we truly are is manifested in the way we treat and relate to others. Have we not heard of ‘KARMA’?

We can wail as much as we want and as much as we can, but things will NEVER change till we arise and change things ourselves – our fathers WILL NOT want things to change, because they revel and enrich themselves in the ills of Nigeria, leaving the common youth to wallow in poverty, lack, need and decadence. We have and need to create the future we want for ourselves and for our children, and the change has to start with us, first and foremost and then extend the change to others within our areas of influence.

Or how do you explain politicians who empower youth with arms and ammunition to kill opponents and after elections leave those weapons in the hands of their thugs? Have you ever stopped to ask what these thugs will use the weapons, arms and ammunition at their disposal for when there are no elections? Typical example is the OFFA MASSACRE, with similar things happening at almost every nook and cranny of Nigeria at various scales and degrees.

That is why there is need to make example of some politicians to deter others from this dastardly and inhuman acts. A youth said, “They all do it and there is no big deal.” But I asked him this, “If an innocent member of your family had been killed by any of these political thugs – what will be your disposition and what will you be saying and clamouring for?” I ask the same question of you, dear reader. But we can arrest the situation before we or our relatives become victims!

‘Messiah’ is not coming from anywhere – we are the messiah we have been waiting for; nothing works except we work it. Things will remain as they are and they have been, till we divorce ourselves as youth of today with the future in our hands from our fathers who have held Nigeria to ransom and believe they are the owners of NIGERIA PLC, in other to create our own future.

But, first, we need to come out from under the shadow of our fathers and elders, stop being their errand boys; doing their dirty jobs and biddings for peanuts or morsel of bread while they and their own children are keeping the bigger, better and more important things to and for themselves, while the average youth is sent on errand to kill and decimate themselves and population, so they can continue to remain and make way for themselves and their cliques, which is to your exclusion.

Politicians arm their children with quality education and life (home and mostly abroad), and arm the Nigerian youth with weapons to destroy themselves and other innocent youth with whom they should team up to fight for their future and destiny.

This #MYNEWNGR movement will not be an easy and short one, but whatever it is going to take – we should make up our minds from the onset, before we start that we will give it. In the words of Martin Luther King Jnr, “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”

Have you ever seen any of their children involved in any of your fights, either on the streets or on social media? While you are being distracted with the kites they throw at you, their children are being groomed to take over from them, but before then – we would have torn ourselves apart, and the more likely to be useful would have been killed by our own hands through and with the weapons our fathers have put in our hands – we need to wise up and stop being used.

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God bless Nigeria.

God bless us, too.

#MYNEWNGR Movement.