Without doubt, the world has and keeps evolving, as such we need to keep changing in other to be at par with recent developments and not be left behind, yet keeping our old values and ideals, as someone put it; “The tripod on which a great nation stands – HUMANNESS, INTEGRITY, and DISCIPLINE.”

The person to lead one through an unknown path is someone (elderly) who knows the terrain well and can effectively guide the youth who has probably never tread that path. As much the youth needs the knowledge and experience of the elderly, yet they (youth) need to divorce themselves from the biases of the elderly, as much of our (youth) anger, rancor, bitterness, animosity, etc are passed on to the youth by the elderly.

Your father told you that someone from another tribe, ethnic group or religion did something to him, and you automatically take that person and his children as enemies – you do not necessarily have to inherit enemies and friends, but make your own, based on your own criteria and assessments. Do you realise that those persons you are bitter against and holding animosity against may have done nothing directly against you as a youth, but your fathers have spewed bitterness into your mouth and heart – and you are running your race on another person’s idea and plans, albeit your father. But your father is not you, and considering a lot other things – he may be wrong, selfish, conceited, and may not be in touch with modern day reality.

“We were all humans until race disconnected us, religion separated us, politics divided us and wealth classified us.” – Unknown.

Good behaviours, attitudes and disposition transcends and are no functions of race, culture, religion or/and ethnic group – it is an individual thing – you are and can be who you want and choose be, irrespective of how you have been programmed (raised and brought up).

I have had close contacts and relationships with different people and I have come to an empirical conclusion that you may be an atheist, agnostic, Easterner, Northerner, Westerner, Middle belter, South-South and still be a ‘good person’ and be an extremely religious person, yet close to hell and Satan like first cousins o even siblings.

As Nigerian youth, we need to rise above all these classifications and differences, and focus more on our similarities in other to move on, forward and make progress – even if we have to go against the wishes, dictates and teachings of our fathers – those differences and classifications may have served them, but are not serving us, they are causing us more problems – we are of the twenty first century, a digital world, a global village – we cannot continue to do those things that are causing us problems, if we really and truly desire change – we need to do new things and in new ways.

“You cannot effectively run a Ferrari car on a Volvo engine – it won’t fit, it will not work.” You can improve on the Volvo engine for the Ferrari, but not to dump the exact engine!

Bob Marley sang in his popular song, Redemption song the following;

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
None but ourselves can free our minds
Have no fear for atomic energy
‘Cause none of them can stop the time…”

You are the messiah you have been waiting for – messiah is not coming from anywhere – we are the ones to free ourselves and our minds from the mental slavery we have been put in by our fathers, which served them and their purposes, but doing us severe damage.

We have been blaming our fathers for the ills and problems in Nigeria, if we do not arise NOW to take charge of our destinies and start correcting things immediately, our children will also get up soon and start to blame us, too.

It is our choice and in our hands to start, even if we cannot complete the process of correction, but let it be on record with posterity witnessing that we did something about correcting the anomalies and wrongs we inherited from our fathers.

Together we can and shall build a NEW NIGERIA, #MYNEWNGR

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God bless Nigeria.

God bless us, too.

#MYNEWNGR Movement.