Some of the finest people I have met and interacted with are and have recognised that they are first and foremost humans and not tribal-biased and sensitive and not necessarily religious, which is the first thing we are clamouring for in our ‘MY NEW NIGERIA movement’ – HUMANNESS.

It does not matter what you believe, think, proclaim or profess, there are laws that govern the universe, one of such laws is the ‘Golden Rule’ which says, ‘To do to others as you would want them to do unto you.’ I ask, “Are you treating others the way you wish and want to be treated?”

To the old guard, elderly and our fathers, I ask “Are you treating the youth the way you want your children to be treated?”

To the youth I ask, “Are you treating others the way you want to be treated?” Even when our fathers and politicians sends you on those evil errands with all the weapons and ammunition – how would you want to be treated if roles are reversed?

Remember, ‘IT TAKES A YOUTH TO RAISE A NATION” and we cannot raise and rebuild Nigeria if and when we keep fighting ourselves physically and on social media. Have you ever stopped to yourself, “How many of the children of those we fight for and over are involved and engaged in our fights?” I am not sure they even have social media accounts, while we rave and rant over frivolities. Yes, frivolities, because these fights do not add anything to us in anyway, but rather diminishes us.

Yet, the youth that wants to take over the helms of affairs in Nigeria is not equipping him/herself – preparing, learning and getting ready for the future. The youth need to understand and be humble enough to start from the lower (perhaps lowest) step of the ladder, and as pointed out in PART 3 of this writing, the youth need the older ones (elderly) to guide them in this nation building process we are embarking on as we desire and are building A NEW NIGERIA.

As youth who wants and seeks to take over the helms of affairs of and in the NEW NIGERIA, we need to learn and be aware that the only thing that starts from the top is ‘GRAVE DIGGING!” In otherwords, we need and have to start the taking over from the lower ends of the leadership ladder – the LOCAL GOVERNMENTS, STATES & NATIONAL ASSEMBLIES, SENATE, and grow into other things, except of course the processes of learning have been learnt before now.

Leadership can be a trap for the novice and immature who has not learnt the way around things, such will get intoxicated by and unduly influenced by the luxuries and the accompanying benefits of leadership, except for the person who has been taught and have discipline enshrined in and at the core of his/her being.

There are people we can easily point out, who we knew to be good people, but began to misbehave at the taste of power and affluence, not because they were pretending before those benefits came, but their discipline was not thorough and enshrined.

Lastly, do not look down on yourself because of some past errors and failures – there is no perfect person or saint anywhere, and there will be none, but the good and encouraging thing is to learn from your past errors and mistakes, and seek ways to transforming them into great opportunities for betterment of yourself, humanity and the NEW NIGERIA.

My dear Nigerian youth – we can do it. We can build a NEW NIGERIA that we all and posterity to come will be proud of. We can build a NEW NIGERIA based on HUMANNESS, INTEGRITY & DISCIPLINE, and that building starts with me – it starts with you, and it will not be an easy or quick ride, we may not be applauded and supported by other youth – yet, we still will fight for the NEW NIGERIA nonetheless – and we shall win and have our desire.

Yes, we can and we will build a NEW NIGERIA, irrespective of the oppositions we may face from any quarters – even from the unwise and uninformed youth who will oppose us. We shall turn every stumbling block to stepping stones, every obstruction to a platform of progress for our greatness – YES WE CAN and WE WILL.

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God bless Nigeria.

God bless us, too.

#MYNEWNGR Movement.