I’ve asked myself a question and I want to ask you, too…
How does these politicians decamping and insulting each other make my and your life better that we are ecstatic and jubilating?
The monies they’ve stolen and will steal together – what has been your share in it?
After insulting each in the public space and you are taking sides and celebrating, when it is time to steal our commonwealth as a nation – they are friends.
Better start arranging your life in other to make your life better. Because your interest is not on their agenda.
Whilst you are busy celebrating Oshiomole is insulting Saraki, Saraki is taking Oshiomole to the cleaners, using your hard earned money to buy data and paying all sorts of taxes and levies – they get all these for free!
Tinubu does not pay toll fare in Lagos… At least I’ve witnessed that twice at Lekki/Ikoyi link bridge…
The last time I checked, they weren’t paying DSTV subscription…and if they do, it is not from their bogus salaries – it is state sponsored.

#MYNEWNGR Movement