What does it mean to be humane? Seems we may have to remind ourselves of that, because the average Nigerian is or seems to be losing his/her humanness. The dictionary says, it is “to show compassion or benevolence.”

The recent Jos crisis that happened a few days ago necessitated this series of writing (HUMANS, HUMANNESS & HUMANITY) and now the tragedy in Lagos,only yesterday. Accidents, tragedies, calamities will definitely happen, we only pray that it will happen to us, but how and what makes us better than those who lost their lives and families who lost their loved ones in these tragedies.

Rather that throwing insults and abuses at each other and politicians seizing such tragic periods and occurrences to score cheap political points is one the heights of inhumanity, and the masses lining up behind them and taking sides with these senseless (pardon my vocabulary) politicians is the height of stupidity of gullible followership.

Yes, we can use such opportunities to point out and advice on how best to and not to handle situations before becoming accidents (major or minor), but to gloat over such calamities is man’s inhumanity to man.

We need to get back to our old African society where one person’s problems and joy becomes the whole community’s issue and matter – a time when we were our ‘brother’s keeper.’ We should stop allowing those who do not have our communal interest at heart to continue to divide us along the lines they know works against us but in their interest.

Before posting anything, commenting or sharing anything, stop to ask yourself a few questions, such as these;

  • Of what benefit will this be to all (not just you)?
  • How will it help the situation or matter at hand?
  • How will it help and aid the affected people/families?
  • How will it help prevent further and future occurrence?
  • How will I feel if such is written or said about me if I am the affected one?

Dear Nigerians, everything is not the government or leaders – we can determine, dictate and influence what and how we want things to be by the way we chose and decide to respond and react to issues and matters.

And to anyone who has been affected by any of these tragedies or past tragedies – our hearts are with you, and pray that God strengthen and restore your losses.

God bless Nigeria.

God bless us, too.

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