Kindly take time to read, understand and enjoy this piece a friend sent to me, and I hope it will pass the message of and about being human to you;

In an ancient Temple, a number of pigeons lived happily on roof top. When the renovation of the Temple began for the annual Temple feast the pigeons relocated themselves to a Church nearby.

The existing pigeons in the Church accommodated the new comers very well. Christmas was approaching and the Church was given a facelift, all the pigeons had to move out to look for another place.

They were fortunate to find a place in a Mosque nearby, the pigeons in the Mosque welcomed them happily. It was Ramadan time and the Mosque was repainted, all the pigeons now came to the same Ancient Temple.

One day the pigeons on top found some communal clashes below in a market square. The baby pigeon asked the mother pigeon “Who are these people?” The mother replied; they are “Human beings.” The baby asked, but why are they fighting with each other…?

The mother said “These human beings going to Temple are called ‘Hindus’ and the people going to Church are called ‘Christians’ and the people going to Mosque are called ‘Muslims’.

The baby pigeon asked, “Why is it so? When we were in the Temple we were called Pigeons, when we were in the Church we were called Pigeons and when we were in the Mosque, we were called Pigeons. Similarly, they should be called just ‘Human beings’ wherever they go”?

The mother Pigeon said, “You and me and our Pigeon friends have experienced God and that’s why we are living here in a highly elevated place peacefully. These people are yet to experience God.”

Remember, we are first and foremost HUMAN BEINGS before any other thing, as such should not be divided along the lines of religion and ethnicity, because there is no culture and tradition older than being humans – we should on to ourselves, build and bond ourselves along that line, in that alone we would succeed together.

God bless you. God bless Nigeria.

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