Following on from one of our most recent writings titled “IT TAKES A YOUTH TO RAISE A NATION (PART 8)” with focus on the kids out of school and the potentials they could be used for by people who do not mean well for the nation, Nigeria – the ‘out-of-school’ kids are said to be potential standing army for militias and could also develop into social miscreants.

When we neglect those children while we focus on our own kids, sending them to be best schools, and doing all we can to give them the best education and support we can, while other kids languish on the streets (or wherever). But we seem to have forgotten, perhaps have never known that these street and uneducated kids will be in the same society, community and nation as our own kids, and if they do not have direct contact with your kids – they will with and through your relatives and friends, and we will be affected one way or the other.

What do we do as humans in this and similar cases?

We have to find ways to urgently put these ‘out-of-school’ children into one form of education and learning or the other, by and through working with government, NGOs, sponsoring and possibly adopting some of them to learn something that will help them have real meaning to and of life.

There should be something the average person and everybody ought and should be looking forward to in and for their future as a means of livelihood, without that ‘thing’ they look forward to – everyone may end up in trouble with them, because these kids will see us as their enemies and in the word of Tracy Chapman, “They will repay us for what we’ve done…”

Rather than the tactics of the Nigerian politicians and leaders of starving people of the basic necessities, making them depending and dependent on them (politicians and leaders) for everything and even livelihood, why not empower these youths to be able to at least fend for and take care of themselves without being or becoming a burden and menace to us all and the society now and in the near future.

Be reminded of this quote again; “When the people shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich.” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Also, remember that we are first and foremost HUMANS, before any other thing, as there is no race or culture older than being human. And as humans, we are meant to look out for each other’s good, welfare and wellbeing – not just for ourselves and our immediate family members and relatives, but the community and society at large.

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