The main problem with and in Nigeria and Nigerians is our inhumanity to ourselves (fellow Nigerians); everyone seems to be self-interested at best, if not selfish. Many do not care about the next person, except their immediate family members, and every other person can go to ‘hell and die’ so long it is not their immediate family member.

The recent election primaries held across the nation and amongst most parties (particularly the big parties) shows this pointedly.

The amount of money that have been stashed in their homes and other hiding places, away from the economy and circulation (where it could have benefited the masses and possibly the whole nation) because of selfish and inordinate ambitions, whilst every other person can go hungry and pick from the dunghills, so long their dreams and desires are pursued and met in whatever way and whoever is gored or hampered and possibly dies in the process – this is sheer wickedness and inhumanity.

We should seek to build the Nation and not just individuals and persons.

Let us ask ourselves, “What can we can do to build the nation not just for the purpose of our personal and private ambitions, but for the benefit of the Nation and humanity?”

Once we are able to answer the question above and act accordingly – we are on our way to building a NEW NIGERIA that will benefit all and sundry.

What steps do you have and can take without waiting for government?

God bless Nigeria

God bless us, too.

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