The elites and politicians know something the masses probably do not know about life and about themselves, which is summed up in one of the quotes attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte, “A man will fight more for his interest than his right.”

Because of this knowledge and understanding, the elite and politicians have been dividing the masses (youth inclusive) along the lines of religion and ethnicity for long, and they have seen that it has worked, is working and will continue to work till we speak to ourselves and speak up for ourselves – start to fight (not necessarily picking up arms) for what is right as against our individual, personal and selfish interests. For as long as we are unwilling and unable to do this – the elite and the politicians (the minority) will keep having the edge over the masses (majority).

We need to look beyond the personal self, and look at the communal interest, which will be what is right – fight for that and defend it, whether it is against our selfish, religious, cultural and ethnic beliefs and interests, but so long it is in the interest of “ALL” and right, we should join hands together to fight for such and defend it.

Have you taken time to note that when it is time to share the national cake and loot, these people do not look or think ethnicity or religion? But when there are issues – then, they throw all those divisive tactics in the public space and at the masses through the media, and we begin to scramble and fight each other, taking sides with people who do not care at all about us, all in the name of defending religion and tribe.

Rather than continue the fights of our fathers, we should as 21st Century human beings, look beyond all their gimmicks, unite ourselves and form a strong bloc and voice that will be able to stand against all their antics, onslaught and jibes that will definitely be thrown at us and in our direction.

We also need to realise and know that we all cannot be and get to the top, we should identify the person and those persons, join hands and support such in whatever way we can. Except we are united with and within ourselves as youth – these elites and old politicians will continue to enslave the masses, only to throw carrots and crumbs at them when their votes are needed.

From various discussions (online and physical), after many arguments and fights, it has been observed that the masses, the youth in particular, more often than not want and desire the same thing, but are saying the same thing in different ways, using different languages, terminologies and illustrations, seeing things from different angles and perspectives, and because we are impatient and not tolerant enough – we fight each other.

Until we begin to speak one language and in one voice – we would not command the respect we deserve and should have considering the percentage and number of the youth in any society (in Nigeria the youth accounting for about one-third the population). If and when we are able to throw our personal interests and biases away for our rights – then we become the force we ought to be.

All we need to look around us world over and see what we can do if are united, truly united. If France, Croatia, Tanzania, Rwanda and other countries can do it – WE CAN O IT, TOO IN NIGERIA.

We can join hands together with different groups and if you know and have none – join us at the #MYNEWNGR movement and let us start the rebuilding of a Nigeria that we and posterity will be proud of.

God bless you.

God bless Nigeria.

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