Over the last ten (10) editions of this series, spanning ten (10) weeks, let us see what have we learnt as we recap in two (2) parts;

  • In the old An African society and culture, every child is raised by all the elders in the society, with the interest of every child the interest of every elders, but as we currently see in modern day Nigeria – the exact opposite is the case, where and when the Nigeria elder (politician and elite) would keep their children safe and secure at home (mostly abroad) and arm the average Nigerian child with all sorts of weapons; bitterness, anger, animosity, painful but biased history, guns and ammunitions, etc, to destroy themselves, causing mayhem, decimating and destroying their future for a morsel of bread, like Esau of old.
  • It is high time the youth of the Nigerian society use their heads, face their futures and start the process of securing their destinies themselves. As someone said, “The best way to secure your future is to create it.” And one of the ways to create our desired future is to divorce ourselves from the fights of our fathers.
  • The Nigerian elder passes his bitterness and hatred to the younger and coming generations, yet attempts to bind and build his own immediate family together in/with love – what an irony? Are we not aware that we cannot give what we do not have and who we truly are is manifested in the way we treat and relate to others. Have we not heard of ‘KARMA’?
  • We can wail as much as we want and as much as we can, but things will NEVER change till we arise and change things ourselves – our fathers WILL NOT want things to change, because they revel and enrich themselves in the ills of Nigeria, leaving the common youth to wallow in poverty, lack, need and decadence. We have and need to create the future we want for ourselves and for our children, and the change has to start with us, first and foremost and then extend the change to others within our areas of influence.
  • As much the youth needs the knowledge and experience of the elderly, yet they (youth) need to divorce themselves from the biases of the elderly, as much of our (youth) anger, rancor, bitterness, animosity, etc are passed on to the youth by the elderly. Your father told you that someone from another tribe, ethnic group or religion did something to him, and you automatically take that person and his children as enemies – you do not necessarily have to inherit enemies and friends, but make your own, based on your own criteria and assessments. Do you realise that those persons you are bitter against and holding animosity against may have done nothing directly against you as a youth, but your fathers have spewed bitterness into your mouth and heart – and you are running your race on another person’s idea and plans, albeit your father. But your father is not you, and considering a lot other things – he may be wrong, selfish, conceited, and may not be in touch with modern day reality.

“We were all humans until race disconnected us, religion separated us, politics divided us and wealth classified us.” – Unknown.

  • Good behaviours, attitudes and disposition transcends and are no functions of race, culture, religion or/and ethnic group – it is an individual thing – you are and can be who you want and choose be, irrespective of how you have been programmed (raised and brought up).
  • It does not matter what you believe, think, proclaim or profess, there are laws that govern the universe, one of such laws is the ‘Golden Rule’ which says, ‘To do to others as you would want them to do unto you.’ I ask, “Are you treating others the way you wish and want to be treated?” To the old guard, elderly and our fathers, I ask “Are you treating the youth the way you want your children to be treated?” To the youth I ask, “Are you treating others the way you want to be treated?” Even when our fathers and politicians sends you on those evil errands with all the weapons and ammunition – how would you want to be treated if roles are reversed?
  • Remember, ‘IT TAKES A YOUTH TO RAISE A NATION” and we cannot raise and rebuild Nigeria if and when we keep fighting ourselves physically and on social media. Have you ever stopped to yourself, “How many of the children of those we fight for and over are involved and engaged in our fights?” I am not sure they even have social media accounts, while we rave and rant over frivolities. Yes, frivolities, because these fights do not add anything to us in anyway, but rather diminishes us.

God bless you.

God bless Nigeria.

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