Part Two (2) as we recap;

  • Remember, ‘IT TAKES A YOUTH TO RAISE A NATION” and we cannot raise and rebuild Nigeria if and when we keep fighting ourselves physically and on social media. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, “How many of the children of those we fight for and over are involved and engaged in our fights?” I am not sure they even have social media accounts, while we rave and rant over frivolities. Yes, frivolities, because these fights do not add anything to us in anyway, but rather diminishes us.
  • The youth that wants to take over the helms of affairs in Nigeria is not equipping him/herself – preparing, learning and getting ready for the future. The youth need to understand and be humble enough to start from the lower (perhaps lowest) rung of the ladder. As youth who wants and seeks to take over the helms of affairs of and in the NEW NIGERIA, we need to learn and be aware that the only thing that starts from the top is ‘GRAVE DIGGING! In other words, we need and have to start the taking over from the lower ends of the leadership ladder – the LOCAL GOVERNMENTS, STATES & NATIONAL ASSEMBLIES, SENATE, and grow into other things, except of course the processes of learning have been learnt before now.
  • Leadership can be a trap for the novice and immature who has not learnt the way around things, such will get intoxicated by and unduly influenced by the luxuries and the accompanying benefits of leadership, except for the person who has been thoroughly taught and have discipline enshrined in and at the core of his/her being.
  • Can the youth be really trusted? Here is a disturbing statistics about some Nigerian youth (past and present) and to think of what they have done and achieved as youth for the nation;
    • Bukola Saraki is only 55. He has been Governor for 8 years and Senator for 7 years. Which means he was a Governor at around 40.
    • Babatunde Raji Fashola was Governor at 44.
    • Donald Duke was around 40 when he was Governor.
    • Rotimi Ameachi is 53. He was a two term Governor, a senator and now a Minister. So he probably was a Senator in his 30’s when he started his political career.
    • Dino Melaye is 44. He was a Rep for 4 years and now Senator
    • Kayode Fayemi is 53, he was Governor for 4 years before being a Minister
    • Goodluck Jonathan is 60, he was a Governor, Vice President and President, which means he was a Governor in his 40s.
    • Nyesom Wike is just 50, he has been a Minister and a Governor before 50.
    • Dogara is just 50. He has been in the National Assembly for over 10 years.
    • Femi Gbajabiamila is 56, he has been in National Assembly for more than 12 years
    • Abdulmumin Jibrin that was suspended from House of Reps recently is only 41
    • Aminu Tanbuwal Governor of Sokoto is 52, was in National Assembly for 12 years before becoming Governor of Sokoto.
    • Today many more in the House of Rep are in their early 40s and early 50s. So are many more commissioners around the country and State Houses of Assemblies.
  • In other for us to succeed as youth in all and every endeavour of life, we need to surround ourselves with people who would help prevent the waters of corruption and bad governance get into us. This way and with an alliance – the youth can help and support each other from allowing (at least) reduce the amount of evil, bad and corrupt people who would get into positions (that is if the youth are not part of the corrupt ones).
  • The elites and politicians know something the masses probably do not know about life and about themselves, which is summed up in one of the quotes attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte, “A man will fight more for his interest than his right.” Because of this knowledge and understanding, the elite and politicians have been dividing the masses (youth inclusive) along the lines of religion and ethnicity for long, and they have seen that it has worked, is working and will continue to work till we speak to ourselves and speak up for ourselves – start to fight (not necessarily picking up arms) for what is right as against our individual, personal and selfish interests. For as long as we are unwilling and unable to do this – the elite and the politicians (the minority) will keep having the edge over the masses (majority).
  • With about TWELVE MILLION kids out of school (in the northern part of the country) – we have simply given the enemies of the Nigerian a vast army with which to terrorise the whole nation at some point in time.
  • We need to look beyond the personal self, and look at the communal interest, which will be what is right – fight for that and defend it, whether it is against our selfish, religious, cultural and ethnic beliefs and interests, but so long it is in the interest of “ALL” and right, we should join hands together to fight for such and defend it. Rather than continue the fights of our fathers, we should, as 21st Century human beings, look beyond all their gimmicks, unite ourselves and form a strong bloc and voice that will be able to stand against all their antics, onslaught and jibes that will definitely be thrown at us and in our direction.
  • Have you taken time to note that when it is time to share the national cake and loot, these people do not look or think ethnicity or religion? But when there are issues – then, they throw all those divisive tactics in the public space and at the masses through the media, and we begin to scramble and fight each other, taking sides with people who do not care at all about us, all in the name of defending religion and tribe.
  • We also need to realise and know that we all cannot be and get to the top, we should identify the person and those persons, join hands and support such in whatever way we can. Except we are united with and within ourselves as youth – the elites and old politicians will continue to enslave the masses, only to throw carrots and crumbs at them when their votes are needed.

God bless you.

God bless Nigeria.

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