The essence of the questions (corruption test and indicators) in Part 6 of this writing is to help us be aware and conscious of ourselves – many times, we are oblivious to who we are and what we are capable of till when faced with some situations that we are ill or not even prepared for, and we fall flat on our faces in total collapse and defeat.

Many (youth and old alike) have been given opportunities and shots at leadership, who prior that time had been good people – but upon those opportunities – they start to display failure of immense proportions, simply because they were not prepared for such exalted positions and opportunities. That is why there is and always have to be seasons of preparation and development.

It is said that the average massive ships we see on the seas and at the ports are just a third of the whole of the entire size of the ship! In other words, the massive ship we see is a fraction of what the ship really is; the Oasis of the Seas (one of the largest cruise ships in the world) measures 361.6m in overall length, 72m in height above the water line.

Although we are to put out our best foot, first, yet we are to keep and reserve the greater part of our good self and part, and keep them hidden for stability, so we can be sustained at times and periods of challenges and trails, with our feet firmly planted in the ground, which makes one wonder why almost all the supposed youth contesting or planning to contest the coming general elections in Nigeria are all gunning for the highest and biggest seat.

Can Napoleon Bonaparte be right when he said; “Among those who dislike oppression are many who like to oppress”? Because one can only wonder why many of the youth clamouring for change are only interested in at the centre of power.

Do not get us wrong, we have nothing against a youth being and becoming the next President of Nigeria, but rather than fighting and contesting against each other, why can’t the youth form an alliance to takeover different sectors and aspect of the elective posts and positions – not just the centre?

Still talking about ships, a ship does not sink because of the size and amount of water it is surrounded by, but by the volume and amount of water that gets into it – you do not sink and become bad and corrupt really by the amount of ‘bad’ and ‘evil’ people around, but by the volume and amount of the bad and evil influences you have and allow to get into and inside of you.

In other for us to succeed as youth in all and every endeavour of life, we need to surround ourselves with people who would help prevent the waters of bad, evil and corruption get into us. This way and with an alliance – the youth can help and support each other from allowing (at least) reduce the amount of evil, bad and corrupt people who would get into positions (that is if the youth are not part of the corrupt ones).

As the African elders will say, “A tree cannot make a forest.” Together we can do and build a NEW NIGERIA and start a new order – let us join hands together to do and achieve this.

God bless Nigeria.

God bless us, too.

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