Many have pondered and asked if it will ever be possible for Nigeria to be at par and same level as/with some developed nations we have heard of, read about and know of, nations like United States of America, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, China, Japan, Egypt, South Africa to mention a few?

A tough question to answer, one may say, but it is very possible…

our vision

We are a movement committed to rebuilding a NEW NIGERIA based on HUMANNESS, INTEGRITY and DISCIPLINE.

The Plea

Rebuilding Nigeria is not something one person can do alone, perhaps with a handful of us, we can at least start, but we need people who will bear this burden, carry the torch and light the beacon for the younger generations who would light the torch of HUMANNESS, INTEGRITY and DISCIPLINE in this country.

#MYNEWNGR Movement Project is not a religious project or movement, but a REORIENTATION MOVEMENT and a call on us to recognise that we are first and foremost humans before any other thing or characteristics, responsible to and for ourselves as humans, whether now or in the future.

We can moan, scream, wail and blame past generations for the rot in Nigeria as much as we want, but if we fail to do nothing – coming generations, too will blame us for the rot, and the blame game continues.

Our Mission

To raise a new generations of Nigerians, a generation who have had no impactful, strong and lingering knowledge of societal ills, perhaps never knew or experienced them.


Our Approach

Amongst other methods, we would embark on and use the following approaches;




Schools Visits & Adoption

Young Entrepreneurs




Give to our cause

Let’s together build a New Nigeria

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