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We have been working with and using and would need ambassadors who would mainly be volunteers in all spheres and cadres of life for this project to speak to/with young people, mentor and disciple them, as well. These ambassadors would be people with direct contact and influence on the target population, mostly teachers, parents, guardians and other influencers.


These are VOLUNTEERS who are also the influencers, channels and vessels through which this project will run and be conducted mainly to reach the target population, because of their access to and influence on the population.

These ambassadors would be people who are established to some extent in their own rights and will be able to withstand the backlash that may come from and as a result of this movement/project – who would not buckle under pressure (mocking, mud-sliding, name calling and tagging, etc).

These ambassadors are not ‘perfect’ people, but possibly through their successes, failings and fallings have seen the need for a NEW NIGERIA, whose personal experiences apart from their yearning, love and desire for a NEW NIGERIA can also be brought to bear on the NEW NIGERIA that we are building.

Our ambassadors would be the ones would teach, lead and guide the NEW NIGERIA and NEW NIGERIANS. These ambassadors would be from at least these groups of people;


These are the first and primary contact to the target population with strong influence on them.



Also with direct access and influence on the target population.

Religious Leaders

Because we (Nigerians) are generally religious, these group of influencers will come in handy and helpful.

Public Figures

Respectable public figures with the three (3) characteristics we want to impart; musicians, sports personalities, politicians, etc.


There are ‘Joshuas and Calebs’ that will have to be used to guide these new generations. Amongst other methods, we would embark on and use the following approaches;


This would be the primary method for now, because the target audience and population have to be won through personal relationships, which may not be achievable from a distance. The ideal would have been to use parents and guardians, the problem with the assumption that ALL parents and guardians would buy into this idea is that we (parents and guardians) are the problem in the first place. Nevertheless, there are still parents and guardians that can be used to achieve the vision of #MYNEWNGR Movement. The idea would be to start with/within our areas of influences; homes, schools, offices, neighbourhood, etc.


Once we have established the above, we can then start all sorts of campaigns, because we would have made some ambassadors, whose torch we would have been lit who would in turn carry on the torch for others to see and to light some others.

Schools Visit & Adoption

We will adopt schools where school owners and decision makers buy into our vision and cause. Also schools Clubs & Societies.

Young Entrepreneurs

The annual Young Entrepreneurs Project by DELATEUR FOUNDATION is an easy vehicle and tool to be used to achieve the goals and objectives of #MYNEWNGR Movement, a project whereby young people are given vocational and leadership training over a period of time (from days to weeks) across the country.


Ambassadors need to replicate themselves and these ideals in the hearts and minds of others who would go on and torch the lights of/for others to continue this movement and spread. Someone said; “Success without successor is disguised failure.” So, each ambassador will continue to raise disciples to spread and teach others, also these ideals of HUMANNESS, INTEGRITY and DISCIPLINE.

NB: And such disciples will need to be taught and prepared for the price of discipleship.



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