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Help will not come from anywhere; God will not come down to change this country, but will work through you, through me.  As it is normally said, “Nothing works except somebody works it.”

There is no ‘messiah’ coming from anywhere – we are our own messiahs. It is no magic and no magic wand anywhere;

we have to roll up our sleeves and get to work on getting and building the Nigeria we want for ourselves and for our children.

The problem with/of Nigeria is not lack of religiosity, infact, we have it in excess that the happenings and events in Nigeria has and is making mockery of religion.

So, the #MYNEWNGR Movement Project (as it will be called) is not a religious project or movement, but a REORIENTATION MOVEMENT

and a call on us to recognise that we are first and foremost humans before any other thing or characteristics, responsible to and for ourselves as humans, whether now or in the future.

We can moan, scream, wail and blame past generations for the rot in Nigeria as much as we want, but if we fail to do nothing – coming generations, too will blame us for the rot, and the blame game continues.

Once we have the three (3) attitudes (HUMANNESS, INTEGRITY and DISCIPLINE) engrained and enshrined in our lives as a people, corruption and other vices would be reduced greatly, and checked, which will put Nigeria on her journey to greatness once again – this is the vision and objective of the MYNEWNGR MOVEMENT.


Join hands with us as we welcome ourselves and our future to MY NEW NIGERIA.



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