ARAMBEE is a Yoruba (West African tribe in Nigeria) word for “THERE ARE WONDERS!” ARAMBEE is a product of DELATEUR SERVICES, a Business Development, Research/Data Management and Solutions Consulting Firm.

ARAMBEE ( is a free for all online shopping/shoppers’ mall basically for producers of local (Nigerian) products, goods and services, with each FREE account having an array of products to display and images per product, good or/and service, where local producers and entrepreneurs can display, showcase and sell their AMAZING goods, products and services to the world.

On and through ARAMBEE, we can show the world the “WONDERS” we can genuinely produce (good and products) and services we can offer locally to the world.

On ARAMBEE, sellers meet with buyers directly with NO THIRD PARTY involvement at all, not even from/by ARAMBEE owners.

We also have the ARTICLES section, where users get write-ups from professionals in various fields (related to what we do on ARAMBEE) and on different aspect of life regarding business. This section will also be used to advertise confirmed job openings and opportunities in and across Nigeria. We strongly believe that these write-ups will benefit and build you up (our ARTICLES are available to all users/members; meaning you DO NOT have to be a seller to read/access our ARTICLES).

Every user have unique ID and URL that they can give/share with others that will take them straight to their store/wall, for example,, and can also share your posted items on your social media handles.

You may contact the administrator using our contact page or by using the feedback form on this portal for enquiries, recommendations and suggestions.

Produce locally – trade globally on Arambee.

Visit Arambee at, registration free, fast and secure, and kindly share and invite your friends and business associates/partners to ARAMBEE.

Welcome to Arambee!