Dear Nigerian Youth,
I am in total support of what you’re fighting for and against. Personally, I have been at the front of such things since school days and in recent years via our Foundation’s #MYNEWNGR Movement. I singlehandedly fought DSTV to give local content for nine (9) years through #IRRESPONSIBLEDSTVNIGERIA Campaigns.
If you would hear me and heed, I propose these;

  1. Withdraw from the streets and find other ways to press home your demands, hijackers are beginning to make the agitations look and damaging to the ordinary citizens, thereby making you look irresponsible, which I know you’re not.
  2. Your withdrawal will give government time to act or ignore in their usual way and manner (if they do not take you serious).
  3. Whatever the outcome of #2 above is and based on #1 above – start planning and strategizing for 2023 and beyond.
    Also, be reminded that people are watching and as they say “The morning tells the day.”
    If you don’t heed counsel now, if you eventually become leaders, you have given us a sign of what to expect from you when you’re in power, too.
    An Hawaiian Proverb says, “He who learns to be a warrior, also learns to run.”
    Stepping back and not running per se… So, those you’re fighting for will not begin to feel serious hardships from and via these agitations and fights.

My name is ‘Yemi Adeyemi-Enilari (Founder, Delateur Foundation).
Monday, 19th October 2020.