“It’s not only Nigerians that deserves New Nigeria. Nigeria also deserves New Nigerians.

How is your attitude and my attitude towards New Nigeria?”

  • Dayo Olayiwola.

At MYNEWNGR Movement, we believe change starts with self.

We are not responsible for the behaviours, attitudes and responses of others, but of ourselves.

Hence, our focus is more on personal improvement and development that will accumulate and climax us a NEW NIGERIA.

In a bid to build/rebuild a NEW NIGERIA BASED ON HUMANNESS, INTEGRITY AND DISCIPLINE, what are the top 3 – 5 personal characters, attributes and attitudes we need to possess and display (at all times) and give a brief reason for each of your identified character.

That is our essay topic/challenge for November 2020.

Post your essay of not more than 300 words to our social media handles;

Twitter: @mynewngr
Instagram: @mynewng
Our blog:

Entries close on November 30th 2020.

Exciting prizes awaits our top three (3) best essays.

Shares, retweets and reposts of your essays, including interactions on your essays counts.

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Best of luck.

  • ‘Yemi Adeyemi-Enilari
    For, MYNEWNGR Movement.